Hydroxy Acid Serum

Hydroxy Acid Serum

Advanced Actives


A revolutionary super active night serum rich in alpha- and beta hydroxy acids to effectively smooth the skin’s surface, stimulate cellular renewal, target uneven pigmentation and reduce congestion.




This Hydroxy Acid Serum incorporates the powerful exfoliating effect of both alpha- and beta hydroxy acids, including mandelic-, salicylic-, glycolic-, pyruvic- and lactic acid to visibly improve skin clarity. These powerful ingredients work together to restore radiance to all skin types and assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles by promoting desquamation of keratinised skin cells and stimulating cellular regeneration. Specifically salicylic acid, an oil-soluble beta hydroxy acid, has the proven ability to exfoliate inside the pilosebaceous unit, thereby decongesting the pores for an overall clearer, healthier complexion. In the case of oily/acne-prone skin types, this serum encourages fewer breakouts by replenishing the acid mantle of the epidermis. By restoring this natural acidity, the skin is able to protect itself more effectively against microbes. This product also assists the skin in healing more rapidly. Ideal for those concerned with uneven pigmentation, congestion and fine lines and wrinkles.


Apply 2-3 pumps to a cleansed and toned skin at night only. It is essential to apply the Reflective Sunbarrier SPF25+ daily while using this product.

This serum is Vitaderm’s most active exfoliator and perfect as an overnight home-peel-treatment.

Recommended for all skin types, except ultra-sensitive complexions and those who are contraindicated, including those using Roaccutane or Retin A users, or Cortisone, people who are allergic to aspirin, and people who suffer from eczema or dermatitis.

This product contains no mineral oil or paraben preservatives and is free from artificial colours and fragrances.

Cruelty free.




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