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Free shipping in South Africa*
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Our Results-Driven Ingredients

Vitaderm’s advanced multi-active formulations incorporate state-of-the-art ingredients that are designed to renew the skin’s vitality.

Natural phyto-extracts and plant-based lipids feature throughout the range to restore skin health while Advanced active ingredients feature prominently throughout the Advanced Active Range to promote optimal skin functioning.

Advanced nutriceuticals are also included in our skin care formulations for their powerful anti-oxidant properties. We utilise various delivery systems to ensure outstanding absorption of the actives into the deeper layers of the skin.

A patented blend of palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and palmitoyl oligopeptide that regulates cellular activity and assists in restructuring collagen and elastin fibres.
Breakthrough technology allows bio-available Vitamin C to diffuse into skin cells where it actively promotes collagen synthesis and suppresses melanin production.
Vitaderm incorporates both LMW and HMW hyaluronic acid in its formulations to boost dermal and epidermal hydration and actively support collagen synthesis.
A naturally derived phyto complex that dramatically improves moisture levels within the skin and actively increases cell permeability.
An exceptionally powerful ingredient that effectively decreases tyrosinase activity and melanin content in the skin, thereby promoting a skin brightening effect.
This super anti-oxidant boosts the effectiveness of other anti-oxidants. It preserves overall skin integrity and is highly effective in the treatment of solar damage.
A natural form of pure Vitamin A within a liposomal delivery system which accelerates cellular regeneration and enhances the skin’s repair process.
This Vitamin A compound is a super anti-oxidant that offers protection against environmental damage. It enhances cellular renewal to restore youthful radiance.
This natural starch powder offers an immediate tightening and cumulative toning effect. It also forms a protective film that acts as an anti-pollutant factor.
A master anti-oxidant with powerful skin brightening properties. It effectively inhibits melanin synthesis and protects cells from oxidative stress.
Also known as tetrapeptide-5, this protein peptide effectively maintains collagen and improves elasticity around the delicate eye area.
An oil-soluble version of Co-enzyme Q10 which boasts powerful anti-free-radical properties, thereby improving cellular functioning.

Stock Take

Vitaderm will be doing an annual financial year-end stock take between 28 – 29 February 2024. As a results, there might be a slight delay in processing your online order.

Please allow an extra day or so for us to process and despatch your order.

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