Vitaderm offers a selection of phyto-based professional treatments that are ideal to introduce your skin to the range and prepare your skin for more advanced active treatments.

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Vitamin Masque Treatment

A vitamin-enriched treatment that effectively soothes, nourishes and protects skin that has been exposed to the elements. This 90 minute treatment offers the ultimate in skin conditioning benefits to nourish extremely dry or mature complexions and includes a relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage. Available during the winter months.

Treatment Sequence

Herewith follows a general treatment sequence for a Vitaderm Vitamin Masque Facial Treatment. Depending on your unique skin type, your therapist may decide to customise the regime to suit your specific skin care needs.


This vitamin-driven experience commences with the Pre-Cleanse, an oil-based cleanser that seeps into the pores where it binds with oils, debris and make-up to lift them from the skin. With the addition of a few drops of water, the therapist is able to completely emulsify this cleanser on the skin, effectively removing daily pollution from the complexion. The therapist may then follow with the application of the Gentle Cream Cleanser, a silky cream-based cleanser with a natural micro-lather that gently cleanses the skin and prepares the complexion for the next step in the treatment regime. In case of a normal complexion, the therapist may choose to cleanse with the Mild Gel Cleanser that will leave the skin feeling fresh. The skin is now ready for a skin analysis.


All Vitaderm treatments include an in-depth skin analysis. Based on this observation, the therapist will recommend the ideal choice of products for your skin as well as recommend a home-care regime to prolong the treatment results and maintain healthy skin. During the skin analysis, your therapist will refer to your skin consultation card to discuss and determine your short- and long term skin care goals.


Vitaderm skin care therapists may choose to exfoliate with the Enzymatic Exfoliator, especially in the case of very young skins or when dehydration or sensitivity is observed. The Enzymatic Exfoliator is a granule-free gel-based exfoliator that is activated by moisture or steam to gently remove dry, keratinised skin cell from the surface of the skin. In the case of environmentally damaged skin or a complexion that lack luster, the therapist may opt-in using the Skin Polishing Cream instead. This creamy clay-based exfoliator contains ultra-fine apricot kernel powder granules that mechanically de-keratinise the outer layer of the skin. The addition of volcanic ash has a cleansing and deeply purifying effect on the skin while also stimulating micro-circulation for a renewed healthy glow. After exfoliation, the therapist will remove the product with mittens and tepid water and sprits on a toning lotion. Depending on your skin care needs, the therapist may now perform extractions where required while the skin is soft and supple.


Experience the nutrient-rich benefits of this facial’s own unique Vitamin massage oil that promises to condition and protect the skin while offering additional anti-oxidant properties. The massage that is offered by your therapist will improve the blood circulation under the skin, improve skin tone and stimulate the lymphatic system which is responsible for the removal of toxins in body fluids. The therapist will then remove the excess massage medium to ensure maximum absorption of the professional masque. The Vitamin Masque is prepared with warm water and the remaining Vitamin Massage Oil and applied over thin gauze to ensure maximum comfort and easy removal. It is formulated with soothing oat milk, nourishing flaxseed and healing sesame seed combined with sandalwood, orange blossom and grapeseed essential oils for maximum therapeutic benefits. This specialised masque will restore a healthy, conditioned glow to the skin while neutralising the damaging effects of free radicals.


While all relaxing, results driven Vitaderm facials must come to an end, this is only the beginning of your journey to healthy skin. Take note that your therapist may start with the application of the toning lotion (this may be a sprits-on application, especially on warmer days), followed with your water-based serum to ensure optimal absorption and then the eye cream. Thereafter, a moisturiser will be applied followed with the remaining vitamin massage oil to seal in the moisture and, finally, Reflective Sunscreen SPF15+ for daily sun protection. These easy skin care steps that can easily be followed at home to prolong the benefits of the professional treatment.