Skin Perfection Capsules

Skin Perfection Capsules

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A high-performance serum containing an extremely effective form of Retinol. Vitaderm’s most powerful Vitamin A serum smoothens skin texture and improves skin tone for a rejuvenated appearance.

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Vitaderm’s Skin Perfection Capsules is a luxurious, silky serum containing 1% pure Retinol and individually encapsulated in single-use, vegan-friendly ampoules for night time application to the face and décollétte. On a microscopic level, the active ingredients in this serum are encapsulated in a liposomal delivery system which ensures that the actives are delivered into the deeper layers of the skin for optimal results while also decreasing sensitivity that is normally associated with this active form of Vitamin A. The addition of Chromanol offers powerful anti-oxidant benefits. With regular use, the skin appears revitalised, hydrated and more even-toned while lines appear reduced in length and width. Ideal for all skin types, excluding complexions sensitive to high concentrations of Vitamin A.


Use at night only. To open the capsule, twist and pull the tip off. Apply contents to the face and neck at night to a cleansed and toned skin, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. It is essential to apply the Reflective Sunbarrier SPF25+ daily while using this product since Retinol can cause photo-sensitivity.

This high-performance product may cause irritation. In the case of sensitive skin, proceed with caution. It is essential to apply Reflective Sunbarrier SPF25+ daily while using products containing retinol, and for at least a week thereafter.

This product contains no mineral oil or paraben preservatives and is free from artificial colours and fragrances.

Cruelty free.




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