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Results Driven
Professional Skin Care

I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane and I wish you many days of healthy, beautiful skin.


Vitaderm is founded

Our founder, a professional skin care therapist and cosmetic chemist, realised very soon in her career that there was a serious need in the skin care industry. The ranges that were available at the time failed to offer what the professionals were looking for. She was in search of a skin care solution that contained no harsh chemicals, no alcohol and no mineral oils. A range that was easy to use and that offered real results. That is how Vitaderm was conceptualised.


The original Phyto Active Range

Vitaderm’s original skin care solution is based on the natural yet effective properties of plant extracts. Pure essential oils and botanical actives form the foundation of this range and continue to play an important role in our formulations. The Phyto Active Range is complemented by a professional skin care system that includes effective in-salon treatments performed by professionally trained skin care therapists. From the start, Vitaderm has maintained its promise by excluding all ingredients that are suspected of being harmful to the skin while also refraining from testing on animals.


The development of the Advanced Active Range

As a result of a need in the industry for a more advanced skin care solution, Vitaderm expanded its offering by introducing advanced active formulations comprising state-of-the-art ingredients at maximum concentration while continuing its promise of high-quality, clean and safe formulations. These advanced active skin care items were soon followed by Vitaderm’s Advanced Exfoliation system.


Vitaderm today

In the last two decades, Vitaderm has become a leader in the industry. We have set the standard in developing quality skin care that offers real results. In 2017, we introduced our intelligent packaging to keep professionals and consumers informed about our ingredients. We take pride in being able to assist our clients with their skin care needs and ultimately improve their skin health. Our founder and her executive team are dedicated to delivering outstanding products and we look forward to many more years of results-driven professional skin care.