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Repair and Protect skin during the holidays

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The end of 2020 is nearly in sight and you have probably already started planning your itinerary for the holidays, where you would like to go and whom you would like to meet up with for that long-overdue coffee date. While we are all in the mood to just let go this summer, we should remember to take extra precaution to ensure that our skin remains protected throughout the warmer months.

Whether you are planning on going on that long-awaited holiday trip or spending time with family and friends around the pool, your skin is bound to be more exposed to the elements and will probably get more sun time compared to a normal day at the office. Now would be a good time to plan ahead and ensure that you have everything you will need to repair and protect your skin during the holidays.

We have asked one of our resident skin therapists about her Vitaderm skin care essentials for summer, and this is what she won’t go on holiday without:

Reflective Sunbarrier SPF25+

This sunscreen is quite unique in that it contains high levels of reflective content that deflects the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays away from the skin compared to other sunscreens that contain high levels of chemicals. Our skin therapist loves the “mattifying effect” of this sunscreen. The formulation is safe for use by the whole family, including babies over 6 months. Remember to cover all areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun, including the face, upper body, ears and hands. We recommend applying the sunscreen about 30 minutes before heading out and to regularly reapply after sea and sun. View product

Skin Renewal Gel

Our resident skin care therapist cannot go anywhere without her Skin Renewal Gel. This formulation is “packed with soothing and hydrating extracts of aloe ferox, lavender and tea tree”, making it the ultimate skin care essential this holiday. It is perfect for application as a soothing masque to hydrate and calm the skin while it is also the ideal after-sun product to keep skin moisturized, speed up healing and restore the skin’s natural balance. This gel may be applied in a thin layer to breakouts as an overnight treatment and is highly effective in soothing reduce sensitivity and breakouts associated with shaving. View product

Skin care tip:

Keep your Skin Renewal Gel in the fridge and apply as a soothing after-sun in the case of sunburn or reactive sun allergies. It is also highly recommended for men as an after-shave balm to boost moisture and reduce sensitivity and breakouts associated with shaving.

Should you require any assistance with selecting the appropriate skin care items for your skin, or for the details of your nearest professional Vitaderm skin care therapist, please contact our Customer Care Line: 086 999 0757. Our resident skin care therapist is awaiting your call.

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