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Trending this Winter – Nourishing Trio Pack

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The cold winter months are creeping up on us and very soon we will need all the conditioning we can get to protect our complexions and maintain healthy, supple skin.

Dry skin is characterised by a dull complexion with superficial fine lines due to the skin’s lack of sufficient oil secretion. In addition, it also tends to show signs of dehydration – a common condition where the skin lacks moisture. A healthy (hydrated and nourished) skin has the ability to retain moisture since oil acts as a natural barrier against moisture loss. The elements (such as cold wind and heaters), as well as lifestyle factors (including the excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks and alcohol), promote skin dryness, dehydration and occasionally sensitivity due to the lack of protection against moisture loss.

Vitaderm’s Nourishing Trio Pack offers three easy steps to manage your winter skin and restore your skin’s vitality and glow.

The items in Nourishing Trio Pack contain advanced nutriceuticals to visibly condition the skin and promote skin health.


A creamy formulation containing high concentrations of Vitamin A and C, Co-enzyme Q10 and glutathione for their powerful anti-free-radical benefits. Apply generously to the face and décolleté as a masque and allow to act for 10-20 minutes. Alternatively, leave the masque on as an overnight booster treatment for a revitalised complexion.


This nourishing night cream is enriched with Vitamin A, B3, B5, C and E which stimulate skin regeneration and boost micro-circulation for healthier, younger-looking skin. Apply the treatment cream only at night and follow with the Nutrient Complex. It is essential to apply sunscreen daily while using products that contain Vitamin A.


An ultra-nourishing complex containing Vitamin C and E to neutralise free radicals in the skin and promote skin radiance. Apply the complex over the appropriate day- or night treatment cream. Alternatively, add a few drops to the treatment cream before application for additional conditioning benefits.
Stay safe and take care of your unique skin.

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