phyto active treatments

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    This treatment includes cleansing and toning of the skin, as well as a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. A 10-minute massage (face and neck) is performed with Vitaderm’s Aromatic Massage Complexes. The masque takes the form of the Anti-Fatigue Masque, a quick-acting treatment product, guaranteed to revitalise the complexion in just a few minutes. This mini-treatment is intended as a quick ‘pick-me-up’ treatment.
    Generally, this treatment is performed without having to undress, so is ideal during Winter months or a lunch-hour when time is of the essence. Brow plucking and extractions are not included during this treatment.
    (Approximately ¾ hour)
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    This treatment incorporates a similar product selection to the above treatment, but includes a wider selection of masques, including Intensive Hydrating Serum Masque and Skin Renewal Gel.
    The Shea Butter Massage Cream may be used in conjunction with one of Vitaderm’s Aromatic Massage Complexes. The massage is usually 10-15 minutes, and includes face, neck and shoulders. Brow plucking and extractions are usually included. (Approximately 1 hour)
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    This exciting treatment is suitable for normal-to-dry skin types. It offers effective anti-oxidant properties resulting in a radiant, revitalised complexion. Contains a high concentration of actives including: Argan Oil (anti-oxidant), Pomegranate extract, Vitamin E, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (most stable form of Vitamin C). (Approximately 1 hour).
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    This treatment is especially suited for teenagers and men who suffer from ingrown hairs or breakouts. It has a deep cleansing action and contains extracts of cedarwood, juniper berry and thyme.
    This highly effective Purifying Treatment is antiseptic and very soothing. The skin is left hydrated, never irritated. (Approximately 1hour)
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    This specialised skin care treatment utilises extracts of sandalwood, orange blossom and ravensara, offering the ultimate in skin conditioning during periods of extreme dryness. The skin is superbly nourished due to the natural extracts of oat milk, sesame and flaxseed. (Approximately 1 ½ hours)
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    This treatment offers the ultimate in firming and toning effects. Containing extracts of Bulgarian rose and frankincense, this warm plasticising masque is highly recommended for skins in need of a surge of moisture and smoothing of fine dehydration lines. Highly recommended for dehydrated/dry skin types. (Approximately 1 ½ hours)