Reinvent professional skin care with Vitaderm’s cutting-edge Advanced Active treatments that incorporate highly effective ingredients for targeted results.

Express Lift Treatment with Active Ampoules

An innovative treatment that offers instant firming and lifting results as well as targeted long-term anti-ageing benefits. This 45 minute facial incorporates active ampoules that are specially designed for the treatment of specific skin care concerns, including premature ageing, hyperpigmentation and dehydration.

Hydro Intensive Facial Treatment

Vitaderm’s ever-popular treatment combines high concentrations of LMW and HMW hyaluronic acid with patented protein peptides for the ultimate in skin hydration and anti-ageing benefits. This 90 minute treatment offers skin-specific Hydro-Intensive Gels that may be ionised for optimal results.

Vitality Booster Treatment

A powerful nutriceutical-driven treatment that incorporates high concentrations of super anti-oxidants for their remarkable anti-ageing benefits. This 75 minute treatment actively reduces the signs of environmental damage, boosts radiance and restores skin youthfulness.