Let’s save your “Winter Skin”.

Let’s save your “Winter Skin”.

 “My skin is always dry in winter.”
 “My moisturiser doesn’t work for me anymore.”
 “My skin is constantly feeling tight.”

We have all experienced these symptoms from time to time, but it’s good to know that there are solutions at hand.

Firstly, though, it’s important to know the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Although oily skin is seldom ‘dry’ as such, it can display symptoms of dehydration. This is because a ‘dry’ skin refers to oil content of the skin, whereas ‘dehydration’ refers to loss of moisture content.

What causes dehydration?
Loss of moisture in the outer epidermal layers of the skin can be attributed to any of the following factors:
– Harsh cleansing products (usually in the case of oily skin resulting in tightness after cleansing)
– Incorrect choice of moisturiser
– Low ambient temperatures, and resultant use of heaters and air-conditioning
– Low humidity, especially in rooms where fireplaces are used
– Harsh climatic conditions including wind and icy temperatures.

What to do?
 Avoid running the hot air-conditioner for extended periods
 Place a bowl of warm water next to the fireplace. The water will add humidity to the air in the room, preventing your skin from feeling taut.
 Acquire a Happy Hugger Wheat Bag, heated in the microwave, to keep yourself warm.
 Drink plenty of fluids, preferably warm herbal tea. Ginger, Chai or Cinnamon herbal teas are particularly pleasant.
 Reduce caffeinated drinks, which are known to dehydrate the skin. Try alternating with herbal teas to reduce overall caffeine intake.
 Consume plenty of fruit and vegetables – these high-water-content foods are packed with moisture and nutrients and will keep your skin healthy. A fruit smoothie or hearty vegetable barley soup works wonders.

What to use?
 For excessively dry/dehydrated skin, apply Vitaderm’s Enviro-shield over your moisturiser in the morning for all-day protection against moisture loss.
 For moderately dry/dehydrated skin, add a few drops of Vitaderm’s Aromatic Complex to your daily moisturiser to boost moisture levels.
Choose from Soothing-, Regenerating and Hydrating-complexes.
 For oily/dehydrated skin, choose Vitaderm’s ultra-light oxygenating Lipid Complex. Applied daily, this formulation will condition your skin and ensure all day suppleness without a hint of oiliness.

If your skin is displaying signs of dehydration or irritation, please feel free to contact us for a personal recommendation, or visit our website for more information. http://vitaderm.co.za/contact-us/