NEXT LEVEL: Masques vs. Serums

NEXT LEVEL: Masques vs. Serums

Masques and Serums have always been additional products that can be included into a skincare routine once the basics have been acquired on your bathroom shelf. These are typically the items that you would incorporate when your skincare routine is ready to move to the next level.

While these two types of products are miles apart, confusion between the two has become a reality. Since cosmetic houses have been developing an increasing number of multifunctional products, the lines have become a little blurred between skincare categories.

You have probably been advised that “it can be used as a masque” or “this masque will act as a serum”.

Although many products do have multifunctional properties, we suggest that these products are used as recommended by your qualified Vitaderm therapist, to maximise on their unique qualities.

As additional members to your bathroom shelf family, both these high-performance items contain active ingredients which result in immediate improvements when used correctly.

Serums Masques

Liquid/ gel consistency Gel/ cream consistency
Applied to cleansed skin, before moisturiser Applied after weekly exfoliation
Daily booster treatment Weekly booster treatment
Left on the skin to absorbRemoved after specified time
Used dailyUsed once/ twice a week
Suited for All skin types as indicatedSuited for All skin types as indicated
 Normal to Combination Skin Normal to Combination Skin
 Dry/ Dehydrated Skin Dry/ Dehydrated Skin
 Oily/ Problematic Skin Oily/ Problematic Skin
 Dry/ Mature Skin Dry/ Mature Skin

Serums and Masques provide the ideal playground to mix up one’s skincare routine, and they are suitable for all skin types.

Vitaderm’s Intensive Hydrating Serum is excellent for dehydrated skin, whilst Vitaderm’s Radian-C Serum assists in combatting the negative effects of pigmentation, and effectively contributes to anti-ageing.

Vitaderm’s Skin Renewal Gel is ideal for healing, soothing and providing an anti-inflammatory effect, where as Vitaderm’s Anti-Fatique Masque does exactly what the name implies, providing an energising boost to the skin.

Without delay, be sure to acquire your ideally suited serum and masque from your favourite Vitaderm stockist.

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