GREAT NEWS! – Our New Packaging is Your New Packaging

GREAT NEWS! – Our New Packaging is Your New Packaging

We are excited to reveal the new face of Vitaderm. Our new Skin Intelligent packaging will build on the success of the past 16 years, elevating the brand to new heights.

Vitaderm’s new appearance will familiarize you, our loyal customers, in regards our products’ content.

The text within the solid silver band now indicates whether your favorite Vitaderm skincare item forms part of the PHYTO ACTIVE RANGE or ADVANCED ACTIVE RANGE.

Ingredients contained within our PHYTO ACTIVE RANGE include botanical extracts such as saponaria, hamamelis and pelargonium.

On the other hand, ingredients within the ADVANCED ACTIVE RANGE might include actives such as hyaluronic acid, glutathione, arbutin as well as protein peptides. These key ingredients are now displayed on the right-hand side of our new packaging.

In order to achieve optimal results, it is imperative to begin your Vitaderm journey with items selected from our PHYTO ACTIVE RANGE and progress on to the products within the ADVANCED ACTIVE RANGE.

Our new look now makes it easier for you to add additional items to compliment your skincare routine.

We invite you to enjoy OUR NEW PACKAGING, which is YOUR NEW PACKAGING!

The Vitaderm Team