When your skin is looking dull or tired, the best solution is the application of an exfoliator and masque once or twice a week. For the best results, these products should always be applied in close succession of one another.
Vitaderm offers two distinctly different exfoliation options. The SKIN POLISHING CREAM contains a natural exfoliant powder to gently buff away dry, keratinized skin cells. The ENZYMATIC GEL EXFOLIATOR, on the other hand, contains papaya and pineapple enzymes which have a proteolytic effect, dissolving the protein bonds between the keratinized cells on the surface of the skin, allowing them to be effectively removed without any abrasive action.
If time is not on your side, the Skin Polishing Cream is going to be your preferred option, since this product gets the job done in about 60 seconds. The Enzymatic Gel Exfoliator takes a little longer, but the fresh citrus aroma makes the wait worthwhile. This product is best activated by steam, so recommended for use in the bath.

Masques are formulated to provide instant results due to their high concentration of active ingredients. When applied immediately after exfoliating, masques offer a quick ‘pick- me-up’ home treatment between professional salon treatments.
Vitaderm’s Anti-Fatigue Masque is ideal for use during this frenetic time of the year. Its fast-acting formula means that your complexion is revitalized within 10-minutes
For sensitive or dehydrated skin types, Vitaderm also offers the Skin Renewal Masque or the Intensive Hydrating Serum, which also doubles as a masque.
During November, Vitaderm is offering the following special offer: Purchase either the Enzymatic Gel Exfoliator or the Skin Polishing Cream and receive the Anti-Fatigue Masque at less 50%

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