Before we can understand what are Anti-oxidants we should first take a look at what are free radicals.

Free radicals may be formed through natural processes as well as through the environment. They may be a result of diet, stress, smoking, alcohol, inflammation, drugs, and exposure to UV light, pollutants and even exercise. We can find many forms of free radicals but the most common free radical is the Reactive oxygen species which are often labeled as aerobic (oxygen breathing)
Free radicals are molecules that are unstable and have unpaired electrons, unpaired electrons are unstable and can end up destroying healthy cells. The free radical molecules will “steal “electrons from a healthy cell in order to stabilize itself , this chain reaction can lead to cellular damage and result in aggravating factors such as ageing.

Anti-oxidants are our first line of defense against free radical damage, and are critical for maintaining optimum health and well-being. The need for anti-oxidants becomes even more critical with increased exposure to free radicals. Anti-oxidants are capable of stabilizing or deactivating free radicals before they attack cells .Anti-oxidants are absolutely critical for maintaining optimal cellular and systemic health and well-being. Anti-oxidants are capable of ‘donating” electrons to damaged cells, this allows for the cells to maintain their correct function. There are various forms of anti-oxidants they can be either endogenous (defense mechanisms from inside the body) as well as exogenous (meaning through external supplementation). Vitaderm utilizes specific anti-oxidants in the Vitaderm range, namely

Green tea which is found in Vitaderm’s Anti-oxidant Cream as well as the Super Anti-oxidant cream Masque is loaded with polyphenols (which function as an anti-oxidant) they reduce the formation of free radicals, protecting the molecules from damage. Green tea is an extremely popular anti-oxidant and can be supplemented as well as added to at a topical formula. Through supplementation green tea has the following effects to name a few:
• Increase concentration via the stimulation of dopamine as well as norepinephrine
• Due to the amino acid L-theanine, this increases neurotransmitters which can have an anti-anxiety effect
• Boosts metabolic rate, therefore inducing a fat burning effect
• Has the ability in inhibit growth of bacteria and some viruses
• Lowers LDL cholesterol
• Topically applied green tea prevents free radical damage to the healthy cells

Pomegranate extract which is currently found in Vitaderm’s Super Anti-oxidant Cream Masque is a powerful anti-oxidant with the following effects:
• Source of fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium as well as Iron
• Has positive effect on lowering heart disease, prostate cancer as well as Alzheimer’s
• Has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure
• Internally it prevents cell damage
• Topically free radical damage is also reduced

Tocopherol acetate (also known as Vitamin E) is a powerful anti-oxidant as is currently found in Vitaderm’s Anti-oxidant massage complex, Super anti-oxidant cream masque and Anti-oxidant cream. Vitamin E has the following effects:
• Decreases the formation of free radicals (topically and internally)
• In preventing certain diseases such as lung cancer
• Can be used to help treat and prevent PMS, pre-eclampsia, menopausal symptoms

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (also known as MAP) which is currently found in Vitaderm’s Super Anti-oxidant Cream Masque is a form of Vitamin C and has the following positive effects
• MAP is a stable water soluble ingredient which is non irritating to the skin
• It is used to prevention and repairing of UV damage
• It has a strong Ant-inflammatory effect
• Has a powerful Anti-oxidant effect
• Prevents oxidation of products topically applied to the skin

In conclusion: the above mentioned anti-oxidants either applied topically or supplemented orally will have an extremely positive effect in preventing free radical damage as well as repairing any damage that may of occurred already. For more information on the RDA (recommended daily allowance) please contact your local health practitioner.

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