Effectiveness of Dry Body Brushing

Effectiveness of Dry Body Brushing


You will be amazed at the results, when you incorporate this technique into your daily skin car routine to combat cellulite formation. 


Dry skin brushing increases blood flow to the surface of the skin, thereby improving the delivery of nutrients to the peripheral cells in the body.  When using long, stroking movements, and brushing in a specific direction, this technique also helps flush out metabolic wastes that are trapped between the fat cells, causing the dimpled effect that we have come to know as ‘cellulite’.  The removal of these wastes happens via vessels known as the lymphatic system.  The lymph vessels are similar to blood vessels, but are reliant on muscle movement or skin brushing to return this clear lymph fluid back to the heart.


This technique should be performed daily, before taking a bath or shower.  Using a natural bristle brush, begin by brushing underneath the feet, then on top of the feet.  Now brush upwards on the shins and calves, using long stroking movements.  Brush upwards on the thighs, both front and back.  When brushing the front of the thighs, brush towards the groin.  This is where many lymph nodes are situated.  It is idea to brush until the skin develops a soft pink colour, taking care not to press too hard.  Use circular brushing movements on the buttocks.  From your hands to your shoulders, continue stroking upwards in the direction of the heart.  Now continue on the stomach, using circular movements in a clockwise direction to aid digestion.

It is ideal to bath or shower after the body brushing routine to remove the dead skin cells that have been sloughed off.  Rub the skin well when towel drying.  Apply an effective anti-cellulite product such as Vitaderm’s Body Contour Gel.  Results will become visible within 2-3 weeks.

For more information on other aspects involved in combatting cellulite effectively, please consult your skin care therapist, or contact us on 021-914 3777 or on info@vitaderm.co.za



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