Preparing Your Skin For Autumn

Preparing Your Skin For Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to introduce active skin care items that might be photo-sensitizing, and therefore contra-indicated for use during the summer months.  The ingredient that produces the most striking, ever, is Retinol.

In the past, however, so few people have been able to tolerate the side effects of retinoids like Retin-A cream.  Fortunately, a break though in ingredient technology allows us to incorporate retinol as an encapsulated ingredient, within a liposomal delivery system.  This ‘cushions’ the ingredient to prevent it from causing sensitivity that is normally associated with topical vitamin A therapy.  In addition, this liposome delivery system increases the depth to which the retinol can penetrate, increasing its effectiveness drastically.  What can you expect to see from incorporating Retinol into your skin care program, you may ask?  Typically, we see a drastic improvement in the smoothness of the skin within about 2-3 weeks.  Fine lines begin to diminish by week 3, especially around the eye area.    Retinol should only be used at night.

For dry skin, the best products with which to complement Retinol Capsules, are the low aromatic items like Lipid Complex and Ceramide Treatment Cream.   For moderately dry skin that is particularly sensitive, we suggest using the Desensitising Cream in combination with the Retinol Capsules.

The ideal way to incorporate these capsules is to use half of the jar during Autumn, and the balance during Spring.  During the coldest winter months there are other options to consider in order to protect the skin against harsh environmental factors.

Enjoy observing the dramatic transformation in your skin, brought about by our Skin Perfection Retinol Capsules, but don’t forget the sunscreen every day and for 10 days after having stopped the Retinol capsules.